he thyroid system provides the raw material (what is measured by thyroid blood tests) needed by the peripheral portion (downstream to the glands) to deliver the right mix of the thyroid hormones T3, T4, and perhaps RT3, to provide proper thyroid stimulation of the cells in order to generate an adequate body temperature to prevent symptoms of unbalanced thyroid system function. If the glandular portion, or coarse tuning, wasn't working well enough, then insufficient raw material would be produced, which would show up on the blood tests, and the shortage would be felt all the way down the line, eventually resulting in symptoms. Just as it's hard to make enough ice when there's not enough water. But if the glandular portion were perfectly fine, and there was a problem in the peripheral portion, you could stillget symptoms as seen in Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome. That's because it's also hard to make enough ice when there's plenty of water, but not enough cold . When trying to make enough ice, it's easy to see if there ’ s enough water, but how do you know if it's been cold enough long enough ? That's a little tougher— but the best way is to see how much of it is ice. That's why the fine tuning of the thyroid system is best assessed by the temperature and the symptoms; because it ’ s easy to see if you have enough raw material (normal blood tests), but the best indicator that things are regulated well is when your temperature is normal and you're feeling well. Our medical system has been distracted by an observation that was made over 50 years ago - that the low- thyroid-type symptoms that were responsive to the thyroid treatment approach they were using at the time, seemed to correlate fairly well with findings on thyroid blood tests. They found that when you're having trouble making enough ice, and it gets easier when you add more water, then you probably weren't getting enough water; which they also found was an easy enough problem to recognize in the first place (with tests). So they decided: "To make enough ice, let ’ s busy ourselves making sure we have plenty of water and the rest will take care of itself;" and that's essentially where our medical system has been ever since. They have been hoping, frequently assuming, and in some cases even pretending that by ensuring there are thyroid hormones such that there are normal blood tests, there would also be sufficient thyroid stimulation of the cells, good temperatures, and good health and well-being.— But that's not necessarily so. As we've discussed, there's more to making ice than just water. That's where it starts, not ends. This is how the treatment method for Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome was developed. By being conscious of the entire thyroid system, including the peripheral portion, as well as the glandular portion while keeping an eye toward the resulting temperature and symptoms, plenty of ice was made far more reproducibly and predictably. A chapter of this book, is devoted to explaining how Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome was uncovered. In fact, it has been seen that of the people whose low-thyroid trazodone
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